Are you a creative with multiple talents? A musician who paints? An actor who designs? Then you have undoubtedly found astonishing liaisons between two disciplines in a myriad of ways. Certain patterns may repeat themselves in your creative process. They are different but are yet somehow extremely similar. Going beyond the creative process is the business aspect of your art and how you wish to translate the meaning of your work to your audience.

This half hour interview with ArtistHouse Music features Billy O’ Connell, manager for famous acts including Lou Reed, The Ramones, The Replacements, Throwing Muses, The Smiths, and Talking Heads.

This may be one of my favourite explanations of the key components of marketing creative work. Though the interview is geared toward musicians, see if you can find the ways that these principles cross-pollinate with your creative discipline. And if you are a musician, be sure to take notes.  The information in this video with Billy O’Connell is absolutely priceless.


Pierre Gagné